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Grooves - The System

Developing Drum Fills

Playing To A Click - Basic Subdivisions

Essential Eighth Note Grooves

Adding A Crash Cymbal

Mini Beginner Pieces

Adding Fills To Eighth Note Grooves

Changing To The Ride

Playing To A Click - Basic Grooves

Introducing Drum Fills

Adding Open Hi-Hats


Rim Clicks

Offbeat Hi-Hat Accents

Rim Shots

Offbeat Ride Bell Accents

Ghost Notes

Downbeat Ride Bell Accents

Loose Hi-Hats



Ghost Notes

Buzz Rolls & Drags

Grooves You Should Just Know

Cool Beats


1 & 2 Beat Fill Ideas



Single Strokes

5, 7 & 9 Stroke Rolls

Double Strokes

Single Paradiddle

Orchestrating Singles, Doubles & Paradiddles



Snare Grooves

Groove or Fill?

Harmonic Coordination - Permutations

Snare & Tom Accents

The Up / Down Technique - Introduction

How To Play A Hit Section

Anticipation Grooves - Quarter Notes

The Up / Down Technique - Application

Anticipation Grooves - Eighth Notes

Harmonic Coordination - The Systems


Triplet Fills

Accented Triplets

Double Stroke Rolls In 6/8

Improving Your Double Stroke Roll



Sight Reading Pack

1, 2 & 3 Note Combinations

Sixteenth Note Combinations



Music Theory Basics


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